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General Biological Links

  Encyclopaedia of Life Science (Password required)   Medscape - A weekly review of medical matters
  Web of Science (Password required)   HMS Beagle - The BioMedNet Magazine
  ELSO Gazette - European Life Sciences free publication    BBC Science - Science in the news
  BIDS - Literature search (Password required)   Dictionary of Cell Biology - By John Lackie & Julian Dow
  Kirk-Othmer Encyclopaedia of Chemical Technology   BioMedCentral - Online reviewed Journal
  GenBank - Gene, cDNA, EST Database   RasMole - Tools to manipulate molecular structures
  The Scientific World - Tools & Resources for research   Links to Model Organisms in Biology - Xenopus etc
  BioCarta - Bio-Resources and reagent exchange   Grants etc  (Wellcome, BBSRC)
  British Society for Cell Biology   Antibody Resource Page
Biowire  Resources & Tools for Biological research.  SciDev.Net Science News, Views & Information
The Microbiology Information Portal  A starting point for finding information concerning Microbiology

On-Line Journals

  Biochemical J   Eur.J. Biochem.   J.Cell Science   Neuron
  Biochemistry   Expt.Cell Res. J.Mol.Biol. Oncogene
Biochem. Cell Biol.   Cell   FEBS letters J.Muscle Res.Cytoskeleton
BioEssays FASEB J.   FEMS Letters   Mechanisms of Development
  Cell Motility & Cytoskeleton   Genes & Development   Mol.Biol.Cell   PNAS
  Current Biology   Infect.Immunity Molecular Biol. & Evol.   Protein Science
  Development     Int. J. Developmental Biol.   Molecular Cell   Science
  Developmental Biology   J. Biological Chem.   Nature 
  EMBO J. J.Cell Biology Nature Cell Biology More Biochem. Mol.Biol. Journals
  EMBO Reports

(Click here For Protozoological Journals)     Science Journal Impact Factors List 

Biological Companies and Sources

  Sigma-Aldrich   Clontech   BioRad   Boehringer-Mannheim
  Cytoskeleton   Gibco   Molecular Probes    New England BioLabs
  Promega   Invitrogen    Stratagene Cellomics
  MD Biosciences Biogenesis Antibodies Autogen Bioclear (Abs, Gels)
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