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Maciver Lab Cytoskeleton Index

(See The Encyclopaedia of Actin-Binding Proteins for listings of most ABPs)

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ABPs in cells Cell locomotion -
Gelsolin Phospholipids &ABP
ABPs and Apoptosis Chemotaxis Golgi apparatus Podosomes
Actin co-sedimentation assay Cytokinesis - animals Golgi Cytoskeleton Profilin
Actin & Microfilaments Cytokinesis - Asymmetric PH domains Prokaryote actins
Actins prokaryotic Cytokinesis, Pathogenesis & Cancer Lipid Rafts Protein Domains
ADF/Cofilins Cytokinesis - Bacteria Hearing and Hair cells Pyrene actin
ADP-ribosylation factors in:-
    Golgi cytoskeleton
Cytokinesis - Plants Hirano bodies Rafts
Anchorage-dependence of growth Cytoskeleton and apoptosis Integrins Regulated secretion & the cytoskeleton
Arp2/3 complex Dendritic spines mRNA localization & cytoskeleton Ring Canals Drosophila embryogenesis
Bacterial invasion of cells Domains of proteins Myosins Saccharomyces cerevisiae - cytoskeleton
Bacterial cytokinesis E. coli pathogenesis Muscular Dystrophy Schizosaccharmocyes pombe - cytoskeleton
BDM (2,3-Butanedione monoxime) Endocytosis Phagocytosis Secretion & cytoskeleton
Caveolae ERM proteins Phosphoinositide signalling Villin family members
Calponin Family Falling ball viscometry Phosphoinositides - cytoskeleton
Cell-cell adherens Focal contacts (Focal Adhesion)
Cell locomotion

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