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Molecular Cell

 Biology 3M


 MCB3M web-pages

 Supplementary material

I give 6 lectures on the cytoskeleton in the spring term. The handouts are updated every year to keep up with developments.   Here are last years handouts. ---

CS1  Introduction to the Cytoskeleton  pdf
CS2  Cytoskeletal Dynamics pdf
CS3  Microfilaments pdf
CS4  Microtubules pdf
CS5  Membrane Cytoskeletal Interactions pdf
CS6  Cytokinesis  pdf
The Dynamic Cell I give the last 4 lectures on this second year course and the last practical.  Here are the 2003 handouts (in colour).-- 33 Phosphatidylinositol  pdf
34 Chemotaxis pdf
35 Cell Locomotion pdf
36 Cell Behaviour pdf
Practical V  

The results of this years experiments are here

Honours Biochemistry


Core lectures (given to all the class).

                                                 Handouts ---

MPT  Membrane Traffic & Cytoskeleton
SUP   Cell Adhesion Molecules
Bacterial Invasion of Host Cells  More info

PowerPoint of lecture 


Electives (Special Topics)

Genetic Diseases of  the Cytoskeleton GC1   Introduction
GC2   Myosins & Disease
GC3   Muscular Dystrophy
GC4   Towards a cure for MD?
Commercialising Biotechnology

Tutorial Group

We will meet once a week at a mutually agreeable time,  in the coffee room, Hugh Robson Building

Biology Teaching Org.
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