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  Actin and Actin Binding Proteins

Sutherland K. Maciver, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Actin is the most abundant protein in the typical eukaryotic cell, accounting for about 15% in some cell types.  The protein is highly conserved, and forms a huge variety of structure in cells in concert with a huge numbers of actin binding proteins.  Information on these proteins and their function is offered below:-

  ADF/Cofilin Family - Pages devoted to these pivotal actin severing and depolymerizing proteins.
  An Introduction to the Cytoskeleton - Handout for a basic lecture introducing the cytoskeleton.
  Cytoskeletal Dynamics - Handout for a lecture on the polymerisation of  actin and tubulin.
  MicrofilamentsHandout for a lecture on microfilament structure and dynamics.
  Myosins -  Pages concerned with the >16 different classes of actin-based motors.
  Membrane Cytoskeletal Interactions - Handout for actin binding protein interaction with membranes.
  Cytokinesis - Handout for a lecture on the involvement of the cytoskeleton in the separation of daughter cells on completion of nuclear division.  See also Cleavage Furrow.
  Other topics on the cytoskeleton.
    The Encyclopaedia of Actin-Binding Proteins.  An A - Z of actin binding proteins.
  Gelsolin Family
  The Golgi Cytoskeleton - Many iso-forms of ABPs and motor proteins are restricted to the Golgi apparatus. These may in part define these vesicles as being Golgi.
  Villin Family
  Protocols for actin research. - Methods in use in the Maciver Lab to investigate the actin based cytoskeleton.
Other Actin Web-sites
  Actin Filaments An on-line  review by Paul Janmey, Jay Tang & Christoph Scmidt
  Build Your own Actin Filament A tutorial on the finer points of microfilament structure by Dr Paul J. McLaughlin ICMB Edinburgh.
Actin pages by Willy Wriggers  
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